Do I have to tell the OMMP if I change my mailing address, add or remove a caregiver, grower, or change my grow site address?

The answer to all these questions is “yes.” You are required to notify the OMMP in writing of any such changes within 30 days of the change.

The OMMP does not accept changes of information over the telephone or by FAX. The OMMP only accepts written changes about the patient’s address, caregiver, grower, or grow site location from the registered patient. You may send your changes to the OMMP by mail. Your changes will be made in the program’s database and will be put in your file.

If you change your caregiver and/or grower, the former caregiver and/or grower cards must be returned to the OMMP within seven days. Also, you are required by law to notify your former caregiver and/or grower that they no longer have this designation.

Finally, for your protection, it is recommended that all OMMP participants ensure that their current address is on file with the Oregon DMV.

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