Are there any legal concerns when I change my mailing address, add or remove a caregiver, grower, or change my grow site address?


It is important that you have the correct information in your file so that if you are contacted by law enforcement and they request verification of information from the OMMP, the caregiver, grower and grow site are all protected. It is equally important that the former caregiver and/or grower know of their status so they are aware they are no longer protected.

In the case of a grow site change, remember that a grow site registration card must be posted at the registered grow site. If you change your grow site and do not yet have a grow site registration card posted at the new grow site, you may not be protected from criminal penalties. The OMMP recommends that you obtain a new grow site registration card before moving plants to a new grow site and keep copies of all change forms.

*Note: To make sure all appropriate individuals and the grow site are protected and that previously protected individuals know their status has changed, it is best to make all changes (notify OMMP in writing, notify former caregiver and/or grower, and move grow site) on the same day or as quickly as possible

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