How do I start a grow?

The “Placard” which accompanies the card for the person responsible for the grow site must be displayed at the garden. If the patients’ changes whether the caregiver or the grower, the patient must return the old caregiver or grower cards and placard to the OMMP.

If the patient changes the caregiver or the grower site, the patient must inform them that they are being replaced. Once you have made the changes, the person who was helping you is now subject to arrest and prosecution and needs to know of the change for protection from these possibilities.

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Act does not protect cardholders from federal government prosecution. Medicine must be provided to the patient for “no consideration” which means no money or anything of value may be charged. A registry identification cardholder or the designated primary caregiver of the cardholder may reimburse the person responsible for marijuana grow site for the cost of the supplies and utilities associated with the production of marijuana for the registry identification card holder.