Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (this “Policy”) applies to all visitors, users, physicians clinics, dispensaries, and other participants (referred to as “you” below) of OMMC Clinic LLC website accessible at, and any other website (all of the foregoing, collectively, the “OMMC Website”) operated or owned by OMMC Clinic LLC. (“OMMC”) and/or its subsidiary or other affiliate (an “Affiliate”) which operates the OMMC Website with respect to a given state or other jurisdiction (collectively, “we” or “OMMC”), unless contrary or additional policies or provisions are expressly stated to apply at such other websites or with respect to a given web page or feature.

You agree to this Policy by displaying, using or accessing the OMMC Website or any service or feature provided by OMMC, by providing personal or user information to the OMMC Website, by submitting or posting any information or other material to the OMMC Website, or by allowing or authorizing any person to do any of the same on your behalf or for your benefit. If you do not agree with this Policy, please do not use, or authorize another on your behalf to use, the OMMC Website or any such services or features. Questions and concerns regarding this Policy should be directed by e-mail to

OMMC respects your privacy. Any information you give us is held with care and security, and will only be used as described in this Policy or otherwise with your consent. Furthermore, any information you provide us through the OMMC Website which constitutes “Protected Health Information” under and as described in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, Public Law 104-191, together with the regulations promulgated thereunder by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (collectively, “HIPAA”) shall be stored and treated in accordance with HIPAA requirements, subject to and as further described in this Policy.

However, we want to be upfront about the fact that part of the OMMC business includes providing you with access to materials, information, features and services in exchange for the right to use, on an opt-in or out basis (as described below) certain marketing, purchase preference, demographic, and other information which you may provide, or which we may collect based on your usage of the OMMC Website, and which we may leverage for the various commercial purposes described below or on the web pages where we collect such information. We will always use reasonable efforts to inform you as to the purposes for which we will use information, either through this Policy or as we collect it from you.

Registration and Membership; Information Collected

In order to access certain content, features or services on the OMMC Website, or to create an account which allows you to store information, post materials, and utilize our tools for scheduling appointments and consultations, you may be required to first “join” or become an OMMC Website member (or join in another specific capacity, such as a physician, clinic, dispensary, or patient) and complete one or several forms. During registration (and possibly thereafter) you may be asked to give your name, a contact telephone number, a PIN or password, your date of birth, your postal address, e-mail address, and other contact or pertinent information. OMMC may also ask for other information required to provide particular services, such as your business name, information pertaining to your medical condition(s), practice specialties (if you are a physician or clinic), and other relevant information. Information may also be collected by your presence on the OMMC Website, even if you have not registered or subscribed.

Generally, this information falls into one of five categories: (1) “Personal Identifying Information,” such as your name and e-mail address, which can be used to personally identify or contact you (or to confirm your identity in the case of user IDs and passwords), (2) Protected Health Information (“PHI”), such as any medical conditions you may have, your medical history, your treatment history, and like information, (3) “Billing Information,” such as your credit card information and billing address, which is a subset of Personal Identifying Information and which we may use to bill you for a service or feature which you have knowingly purchased, (4) “Usage Information” such as your IP address, public postings, opinions or other matter you have either posted or reviewed, your click patterns on the OMMC Website, and other information indicative of your use of the service or features on the OMMC Website, and (5) “Anonymous Information” which is an aggregate of the other information categories decoupled from any method of identifying the source of that information, which we use to determine the demographics, habits, preferences, or statistical characteristics of the OMMC Website users or subgroups thereof, but which cannot be used to identify you or your specific usage history. Anonymous Information may include portions of Personal Identifying Information, PHI, and Usage Information which have been decoupled from any identifying information and aggregated with that of other OMMC Website users.

How Each Type of Information Is Used

OMMC will use your Personal Identifying Information as follows: (1) to regulate access to the OMMC Website and its features and services, as well as to your account (such as requiring passwords to access certain services or post content); (2) to personalize and enhance your experience when visiting the OMMC Website; (3) to promote to you (including contacting you by e-mail) OMMC or OMMC endorsed products or services, or other products or services in which we believe you may be interested, but only when you opt-in to receive our promotions and newsletters, and you may later opt-out from promotional emails through various mechanisms we provide (your PHI may also be used in a similar fashion as described below); and (4) for other internal or administrative purposes consistent with our mission of providing our users with the highest quality experience, including contacting you about administrative issues pertaining to your account, or critical updates to the OMMC Website or the services you use or purchase. OMMC does not share, sell, rent, or trade Personal Identifying Information with third parties for their promotional purposes, except as you may expressly consent when such information is collected or may later expressly consent.

Additionally, if you are a physician, clinic, or other healthcare provider registered as a “Doctor,” we may allow users registered as patients to contact you by email or other means made available through our systems, to set up an appointment or consultation or other relevant purposes. This is a necessary part of our service and no opt-out is available. If you wish to no longer receive such communications, you may deactivate your account by logging into your profile at the OMMC Website.

If you are registered as a “patient” (or similar designation) with the OMMC Website, OMMC will use your PHI, as coupled with Personal Identifying Information, only as you specifically direct or as otherwise may be permitted under HIPAA. For example, if you request us to assist you in scheduling a consultation with a doctor or clinic pertaining to a health condition you specify, we will request certain PHI (such as your health condition, medical history, treatment history, your history of use of medical marijuana, and other information) and provide that information to the doctor or clinic in conjunction with the appointment request unless you direct us not to disclose such information. In addition if a doctor recommends to you treatments using medical marijuana, and that information is provided to the OMMC Website by the doctor or clinic, we will store and disclose that information (which may include PHI related to your condition and recommended treatments) as part of the OMMC medical marijuana recommendation certification service (see [], the “Certification Service”) unless you opt-out of the Certification Service. This information will be accessible to clinics and other OMMC Website users who have your driver’s license and the physician/clinic recommendation number.

We may also use PHI, without disclosing it to others, to personalize and enhance your experience when visiting the OMMC Website and to promote to you (including contacting you by e-mail) OMMC or OMMC endorsed products or services, or other products or services in which we believe you may be interested based upon such PHI, but only when you opt-in to receive our promotions and newsletters, and you may later opt-out from promotional emails through various mechanisms we provide. In addition, we will decouple certain PHI from Personal Identifying Information and use this to create Anonymous Information which we will use as described in this Policy: for example, while we would not disclose your specific health conditions except as described in this Policy, we may create aggregate information from your PHI as combined with others’ PHI, such as the percentage of OMMC Website users registered as patients who seek treatment based on specific health conditions and use this as Anonymous Information.

We will use your Billing and Usage Information, as applicable, to bill you for the services which you knowingly purchase and to provide you with technical and billing support.

We will use Anonymous Information to optimize our marketing and product development efforts (such as keyword advertising purchases and search engine optimization), to determine the success of our marketing campaigns, to provide anonymous demographic information to sponsors, advertisers and partners, and other relevant commercial purposes which do not identify you individually. We may also provide Anonymous Information to our sponsors, advertisers and partners so that they may track the success of their advertising and promotional efforts, for example, to determine the demographic attributes and use preferences of visitors to pages in the OMMC Website that feature their products or services.

OMMC may use third party providers and subcontractors for the features and services offered on the OMMC Website and also for internal, administrative, and tracking purposes. Service through these providers may necessarily include providing them with some or all of your Personal Information, PHI, Billing Information (for credit card processing, collections, and related matters), and your Usage Information (for subcontracted services and features), but we will use diligent efforts to restrict use of this Information by these third parties to the purpose of providing the specific OMMC feature, function, service or purpose for which the third party has been engaged, and, to the extent such parties are provided PHI, only to the extent they agree to abide by HIPAA obligations imposed on such parties based on their role and relationship to OMMC. Additionally, OMMC may share your Information with parents and affiliates under its control or common control, subject to the same restrictions described in this Policy.

In addition, OMMC specifically reserves the right, to the maximum extent permitted by law, to use or disclose any Information (a) for the purposes of enforcing our user agreements, use policies and the like or (b) when requested by law enforcement agencies (whether or not under subpoena), if we reasonably suspect a violation of our user agreements or use policies or any applicable law.

How to Correct, Update or Delete Your Personal Identifying Information

If your Personally Identifiable Information changes, or if you no longer desire our service, you may update, correct, or delete such information by logging in to your account at the OMMC Website and then going to your profile page, or by contacting us at the contact information provided below. You may then correct or update the information presented.

Security: How Information is Stored

OMMC has appropriate technical and organizational security measures in place to reasonably protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of user data under our control. For example, we use appropriate encryption for payment card transactions, and we impose strict rules on OMMC employees who have access either to the databases that store member or user information or to the servers that host our services. We train our staff to understand applicable HIPAA and PCI requirements so as to avoid any violations of applicable standards. We also use reasonable efforts to assure that any subcontractor, provider, or other party that has access to any PHI has agreed to comply with appropriate HIPAA requirements. While we cannot guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration of data will not occur, we make diligent efforts to prevent such unfortunate occurrences.

Billing Information may also be stored by our payment card processors and be subject only to our limited control. If you are concerned about storage and use of your Billing Information by payment card processors, please e-mail us at and we will provide you with information on the privacy practices of our current payment card processors and related vendors.

Please note that information or data (including Usage Information), other than PHI and Billing Information, may not be stored in a manner which is PCI or HIPAA compliant. Accordingly, other than the PHI and Billing Information which we specifically request and/or state will be protected in accordance with the relevant standard, we do not recommend that you post, upload, provide, or use the OMMC Website or any related feature to collect or store any sensitive financial, payment, or personal information, and we cannot be responsible in any manner if you do so.

Additionally, we strongly recommend that you keep all of your user information, such as account IDs, passwords, and other sensitive information secret and not disclose such information to anyone else. We cannot be responsible for any use of this information should you disclose it to anyone else, or for the use or distribution of any of your information or data stored with the OMMC Website if it is obtained via use of your account ID or password. Please note that OMMC will never email you to “phish” for (attempt to convince you to disclose) your username or password.

Use of “Cookies,” Web Beacons, and Log Files

OMMC uses a feature of your Web browser called a “cookie” — a file that your browser places on your computer’s hard drive to uniquely identify your computer. OMMC creates and then uses cookies to make log-in more convenient on the OMMC Website, to tell us whether you have previously visited the OMMC Website, to track your clicks through the website, and to help us determine whether you came to OMMC from a particular Internet link or advertisement. Cookies can also be used to save and retrieve passwords and to save information on past usage of features and other preferences. OMMC does not and cannot use cookies to retrieve Personal Information or PHI about you from your computer unless such information was knowingly and willingly provided by you.

Some of our business partners, subcontractors, sponsors, and advertisers use cookies through the OMMC Website (for example, banner advertisers) to track the success of our or their advertising and marketing efforts, which is standard practice for many of the websites you may visit. If you wish to restrict how cookies are placed on your computer, please check your browser settings, or check your browser’s “Help” information for instructions on how to enhance the security of your browser or limit use of and access to cookies. Please note that your browser’s security settings may disable some features or services on certain websites.

Similarly, OMMC, its advertisers, subcontractors, and other partners may also use “web beacons” (small image files which are used to track presence on web pages and surfing patterns) in a similar fashion to cookies, except that web beacons do not store any personal information on your computer. We may also use web beacons or similar technology to track clicks from our newsletters and the like.

The OMMC Website may include widgets, which are interactive mini-programs that run on the OMMC Website to provide specific services from another company (such as displaying news, opinions, or other content). Personal Identifying Information, such as your email address, may be collected through a widget. Cookies may also be set by a widget to enable it to function properly. Information collected by a widget is governed by the privacy policy of the company that created it. We suggest you review all such information through the links provided by the widget. For more information, please contact us as provided below.

Finally, servers owned or controlled by OMMC will log each website visitors’ IP address, browser type, operating system, referring and exiting URLs, and other statistical and technical information. Except for the purposes of enforcing this Policy or any user agreements, and assisting law enforcement agencies, OMMC will treat this as Anonymous Information

Doctor, Clinic and Dispensary Inquiries

Patients may transmit requests for consultations, appointments, and other information to doctors or clinics via features available on the OMMC Website or other methods we may make available. If you send such an inquiry, a subset of your pertinent Personal Information and PHI, including your email address and any other information you supply at such time, may be visible and available to the applicable doctor, clinic, or dispensary, so that they may respond to your request or inquiry. We do not control whether such doctor, clinic, or dispensary adds you to its mailing lists or otherwise uses the information you choose to supply during said process.

We strongly recommend that you do not provide, during the inquiry process, any information that you do not wish doctors, clinics, or dispensaries to have. We also strongly recommend that you NEVER send any credit card, bank account, or other payment or financial information, nor any other confidential information, through such methods (and NEVER by email at all!).

Your inquiries are forwarded to the individual doctor, clinic, or dispensary you selected and also retained by us as Usage Information, from which we may create Anonymous Information.

Posted Information and Content; Use of Listing and Community Features

Although it is probably obvious, to the extent you submit or post any statement, opinion, testimonial, review, or listing to the OMMC Website (or any material which by its nature appears to be intended to be published or posted) or participate in any forum, chat, opinion feature, message board, blog, or any other interactive or community service or feature on the OMMC Website, all of the information contained in your submission or communications will likely become public information on the OMMC Website and possibly published by our affiliates or partners, and OMMC will not have any control over the use of such information by users and third parties with access to that information. OMMC reserves the right to use all of such information at its discretion without restriction.

Accordingly, if there is any matter in any such material which you do not intend or wish to be publicly available, published, distributed and otherwise used in a public fashion, please do not include it or submit it. We cannot honor any special request from you in that regard. We strongly discourage the submission or posting of any PHI in any such public forum or feature unless you wish such information to be publicly available.

Similarly, information posted or provided by doctors, clinics, dispensaries, and others about their specialties, practices, office hours, and similar matters, will be, subject to OMMC discretion, made publicly available to patients and other users to assist patients in identifying, choosing, locating, and communicating with them. Accordingly, we recommend that doctors, clinics, and dispensaries only provide information about themselves that they wish to be displayed publicly.

Additional privacy policies and other terms may apply to use of any community or interactive feature or service available through the OMMC Website or otherwise provided by OMMC. Please check the pages containing those features and services for more information.

Please note that all information and material collected or provided, in any manner and of whatever nature, may be transferred or assigned by OMMC in conjunction with a merger or the sale of all or a portion of the OMMC business (or similar event).

This Policy does not apply to business ideas, concepts or inventions that you send as suggestions or proposals to OMMC. If you want to keep content or business information, ideas, concepts or inventions private or proprietary, do not send them to OMMC without reaching an agreement with us as to its treatment, as we otherwise reserve the right to use them in our discretion. This Policy also does not apply to any information you submit to OMMC by e-mail unless expressly so stated herein.

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