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Severe nausea is reasonably a common symptom that can arise from several diseases and can happen to children and adults alike. It gives the feeling of an unsettled stomach and queasiness and generally associated with vomiting. It may not mean a serious condition although it should entail proper attention as it may be caused by an underlying situation that should be avoided.

There are several common factors that may cause nausea. It may be caused by the mildest disease or by the most serious one.

  • It may be from a disease that affects any part of the digestive system like gastroenteritis. This sickness is commonly known as “stomach flu.”
  • Headache also leads to being nauseous. This is also common with migraine and vertigo.
  • Pregnancy might also be the reason for being nauseous. It usually happens during the first trimester. The expectant mother should consult her doctor should the feeling become recurrent after the first trimester especially if it is already associated with severe vomiting.
  • Other factors also include medical treatments. Some of these treatments may have a side effect of becoming nauseous and tend the patient to vomit. It is usually occurring after a chemotherapy session or after surgery. It is sometimes experienced only for a short time. However, some conditions may cause it to be occurring for a longer period. Prolonged occurrence should be attended to by a doctor in order to diagnose the underlying cause.
  • Overuse of alcohol or prohibited drugs may also lead to severe nausea. In this event, expert medical attention should be addressed to the patient to rightfully apply proper medication.
  • The other cause is the extreme use of pain relieving medicines. These medicines are called narcotic drugs. It can be purchased over-the-counter and some under the prescription of a doctor. For patients experiencing severe pain, a higher dose of pain reliever is administered. However, this same dosage may be harmful if taken by a person who is not experiencing the same level of pain. Some people have the fear of becoming addicted to this drug especially if taken in higher dosage. But if there is no history of drug abuse, there is no need to worry about taking it in higher dosage with the doctor’s advice.

Since nausea is mainly a cause of an underlying disease, there are some basic remedies on preventing it from happening. Most are basically do-it-yourself remedies and should be followed dutifully to ease the feeling and avoid vomiting as well.

One of the basic treatments includes eating a small amount of food throughout the day. So instead of taking up the regular three meals, the person who is experiencing nausea can divide it into smaller meals. There are also instances where the smell of food can cause queasiness. Take note which food causes nausea and avoid them. Processed foods can also add up to this uneasy feeling.

Take also into account drinking small amounts of liquid a few minutes after meals, not during the meals as it may cause vomiting. Drinking chamomile or ginger tea may help avoid being nauseous. Avoid orange juice as it has too much acid in it that may irritate the stomach and induce vomiting.

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